Iridescent Gem Shaped Bath Fizz

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This iridescent bath bomb is a show stopper!

This gorgeous bath bomb is scented in the earthiness of the amber and sandalwood are tempered by sweet notes of vanilla. The addition of vanilla makes this blend relaxing and amazingly sultry. Meditate.

This is an incredible scent you will have to smell!! It is Amazing!

This 6 oz iridescent work of art is made with:

💜Baking Soda
💙Citric Acid
💚Corn Starch
💜Epsom Salts
💙Kaolin Clay
💚Cream of Tartar
💜Grapeseed Oil
💙Polysorbate 80
💚Red 27, Blue 1, Mica

This listing is for 1 Gem-Shaped Bath Bomb

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