What We Do

Zen Bath Candies is family owned and operated. We specialize primarily in making bath bombs for people of all ages! What is a bath bomb?  OH! You're missing out!  A bath bomb is a fun additive to your routine bath.  You simply fill your bath tub, unwrap the bath bomb, drop it in and be AMAZED.  These smell great and change your water a cool color.  Our formula will not stain your skin or your bath tub. In the past, many of our customers have used our products as gifts for loved ones and friends, bridesmaids gifts, wedding gifts, for their kids, and to just relax after a hard day.   

**Please note: Our products are 100% HANDMADE!  Meaning it takes roughly 5-7 business days for your items to be shipped.  We make every item with love to ensure you get the best quality products.  Thank you for your patience!

*********   Wholesale Clients   *********

Please Note:  We create our orders in the order in which they were received.  Our lead time for Wholesale Orders is 2 to 3 weeks during the months of January to August.  From September through December, our lead times can reach up to 4 to 6 weeks.  Please make sure to place your order early enough in the season to meet your stock needs.  Please feel free to contact us prior to ordering to check on our lead times.

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