After the Rain Cloud Bath Fizz

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After the Rain, there is always a Rainbow! That holds true with this colorful Rainbow Bath Fizz! This bath fizz will fizzle away the rain as it disperses, followed by a beautiful Rainbow Work of Art!!

This gorgeous bath fizz is scented in Blue Agave!
Blue Agave is exotic citrus, lime oil, grapefruit, cardamom, and red berry. Then notes of the blue agave flower, sea salt, orchid, geranium and white lily, and the base unites cocoa, vetiver, cinnamon, musk and vanilla. This is an incredible scent you will have to smell!! It is Amazing!

This 4.5 oz work of art is made with:

đź’śBaking Soda
đź’™Citric Acid
đź’šCorn Starch
đź’śEpsom Salts
đź’™Kaolin Clay
đź’šCream of Tartar
đź’śGrapeseed Oil
đź’™Polysorbate 80
đź’śRed 27
đź’™Blue 1
đź’šYellow 5

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